Oklahoma Leads Way As More Than 130 Casinos Reopened Across The U.S.

As of Thursday morning, more than 130 casinos in the United States have reopened in some capacity, per the AGA.

The retail casino industry is starting to make a comeback.

As of Thursday morning, more than 130 casinos have reopened across the U.S., according to tracking from the American Gaming Association. That’s about 13% of the nearly 1,000 properties nationwide.

Tribal casinos, which are regulated by the federal government and not by the states, started things off in April, eventually followed by commercial casinos in Deadwood, S.D. The South Dakota properties had been the last commercial casinos in the country to close. As of Thursday, it was still mostly tribal casinos that had opened, but the large commercial casino markets of Louisiana and Mississippi were starting to reemerge.

Here’s a look at the number of casinos open in each state:

Note: This list could be outdated as properties continue to come back, some with little press attention.

  • Oklahoma: 33
  • Louisiana: 18
  • Mississippi: 17
  • South Dakota: 15
  • Washington State: 13
  • California: 6
  • Arizona: 6
  • Arkansas: 3
  • Idaho: 3
  • Oregon: 2
  • Montana: 2
  • North Carolina: 2
  • Florida: 2
  • North Dakota: 1
  • Minnesota: 1
  • Michigan: 1
  • New York: 1

The state of Oklahoma is home to more than 130 tribal casinos, according to the AGA.

The casinos are implementing what they call “safety” precautions due to the COVID-19 virus.

Poker rooms?

For the most part, casinos appear to be hesitant to resume poker games. Slots and table games are more manageable in terms of social distancing and disinfecting. Poker rooms are also not big moneymakers for a Las Vegas-style casino.

In Florida, though, with poker rooms representing a major component of the businesses of many of the gambling facilities, it appears properties are willing to roll the dice.

Another poker room in Florida is using bottles of hand sanitizer as the dealer button.

Another Florida card room is going with paper cards and no table transfers to reopen its room.

While it appears some poker rooms that are reopening are reducing the number of players seated at the table, one poker room in California has retained nine-player games.

Texas “social” poker rooms are starting to reopen as well.


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