Wide World Of Gambling: Adelson Lobbying In Texas, Poker Home Game Organizer Fined, Virginia Covers In Brutal Beat

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It was another news-filled week in the world of gambling.

In this installment of the weekly roundup from US Bets, we’re giving you a rundown of some of the more interesting new nuggets from the world of sports betting and beyond.

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Adelson lobbying for casinos (and sports betting) in TX?

The Lone Star State is one of the largest untapped sports betting markets in the country. It has long been a state unfriendly to the commercial casino industry, but that might be changing due to lobbying spending by casino mogul Sheldon Adelson. Legislation was filed this month to allow Las Vegas-style casinos.

Indiana Gaming Commission could revoke casino license

Problems for Spectacle Entertainment don’t appear to be going away anytime soon, with reports saying that regulators with the Indiana Gaming Commission have expanded their investigation into the casino developer who is in the midst of building a new casino near Chicago.

Poker organizer fined over home game during pandemic

A poker game up north in Canada became the target of authorities for not adhering to local COVID-19 restrictions. The $3,000 fine is not a fun hit to the player’s bankroll, but he should have ended the game.

Nice holiday gesture from top sportsbook operator

One of the leading mobile sportsbooks in the country is giving back based on the outcome of a celebrity golf match. It’s a nice move as many Americans are struggling with the fallout of the pandemic.

Man charged in 1930s-esque casino heist

A local prosecutor in Atlantic City said this alleged crime reminded him of the old mob days.

Virginia covers in brutal bad beat

There probably aren’t too many bettors out there who took Abilene Christian +39.5, but condolences to those who did in what many analysts are saying was one of the craziest beats they’ve ever seen.

Nevada sets new record in handle

New Jersey is still far ahead of Nevada on sports betting, but the Silver State blew past its previous record with $659 million in handle last month, besting a $614 million handle seen last year.


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