DraftKings Sports Betting Championship Again Embroiled In Controversy

Oops, they did it again: SBNC goes off the rails, though DK has made sure everyone will go home happy
uh oh

The DraftKings Sports Betting National Championship 2021 was supposed to be a victory lap for the company, after the inaugural 2019 event was marred by controversy and ended in a lawsuit.

Alas, it was not to be, as the weekend-long event kicked off Friday night in Weehawken, N.J. — as well as in 10 other states, remotely — with exactly the kind of drama the company was hoping to avoid. 

In a nutshell: Some contestants were able to get down whatever bets they wanted, while others found themselves limited and unable to place a bet even for $1.

Prominent members of the gambling community were calling on DraftKings to stick a fork in the whole affair.

Despite all the troubles, the event continued on, and as of 10:40 a.m. Saturday, “Tdunns” was sitting in first place for the million dollar prize, having run his $5,000 stake (another $4,500 goes to the prize pool, and $500 to DraftKings’ coffers) to nearly $30,000 by betting a quartet of NBA player props last night and winning them all, including in a series of parlays and round robins.

But clearly, there was woe in Weehawken. Until …

Johnny to the rescue

Early Saturday morning, Johnny Avello, the director of the DraftKings sportsbook, sat down with VSiN and announced a shocking development on two fronts: First up, all contestants would be “made whole.”

“If you went bust last night, and you’re out of money, you’re out of the contest,” Avello said. “But we’re going to give your $10,000 back. If you’re still in the contest with money, you continue to play today … if you win more than $10,000 you will certainly keep that and be eligible for any prize money. But let’s say your bankroll is $6,000 and you’re finished, we’ll make you whole by giving you $4,000, that’s your $10,000 back.”

In short: Everyone, win or lose, is getting their $10,000 entry fee back.

The second item, which is bound to aggravate plenty of people: The contest is now closed. Originally, DraftKings was going to allow entries up until 6 p.m. Saturday, and an untold number of gamblers were undoubtedly waiting to see what the leaderboard looked like before deciding to fire their entries.

The contest runs through Sunday, with all bets needing to be made by 1 p.m., and the last action anyone can wager on is the 6 p.m. slate of NBA games.

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