Wide World Of Gambling: Lotto Accused Of Fraud After Unlikely Drawing, PredictIt Still Holding Money, Tennis Player Banned For ‘Courtsiding’

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It was another news-filled week in the world of gambling.

In this installment of the weekly roundup from US Bets, we’re giving you a rundown of some of the more interesting new nuggets from the world of sports betting and beyond.

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Chicago butcher gets a year in prison for bookmaking

A 63-year-old man living north of Chicago was sentenced to a year in federal prison for a multi-year sports betting operation. Authorities said that he was only charged for a small fraction of his bookmaking enterprise. “The amount involved here is pretty breathtaking, quite honestly,” U.S. District Judge Matt said during the court hearing. “And it’s quite likely an undercount by a pretty significant amount.”

Ending to Eastern Illinois game tilts a lot of bettors

The Eastern Illinois Panthers were favored by 24 points against the Chicago State Cougars on Thursday night. The Panthers were up by 22 with just seconds left in the game and ended up taking their time as the clock moved toward zero. One player hit a three-pointer right after the buzzer, which left many sports bettors a bit tilted. Hopefully their TVs were not harmed.

Lottery accused of fraud after improbable drawing

A South African lottery jackpot worth $7.5 million USD raised a lot of eyebrows this week when the drawing came out 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. A total of 20 players won a share of the jackpot, which also raised some eyebrows. The lottery reportedly found no evidence of any wrongdoing in its internal investigation, but of course that won’t satisfy many spectators. While improbable, the drawing is far, far from impossible, as the country’s lottery stated in a statement after its review.

PredictIt continues to withhold millions in player money

The gambling site PredictIt, which has a federal exemption in order to take prediction market-style wagers on political events, still hasn’t paid out players from the early November presidential election won by Joe Biden. A lot of people are getting antsy, with some calling for a need to have a competitor to PredictIt in the U.S. It basically has an American monopoly right now on legal wagering on politics.

Group urges U.S. casinos to go smokeless due to COVID

Are smoking areas inside casinos going to be phased out? One group is calling for the American Gaming Association to move toward this future due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s intuitive, right? Some preliminary research reportedly has found that smoking cigarettes and a deadly respiratory virus do not mix well together. Some casinos in response have made improvements to their air filtration systems, but the air inside casinos could get even cleaner if the group, Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights, gets its way.

Tennis player banned for match fixing, ‘courtsiding’

Ukrainian tennis player Stanislav Poplavskyy, a top-450 player globally, is banned from the sport for life after an investigation by the sport’s integrity unit found that he engaged in match fixing and so-called “courtsiding” between 2015 and 2019. Courtsiding is the prohibited transmission of live data from matches, typically in an effort to give gamblers an edge over the book or to circumvent a sport league’s ownership of the data that they monetize by selling to sportsbooks.

Footballer charged with taking bribe to get penalty

An unnamed player in the Swedish soccer league is in hot water for allegedly taking a $35,000 bribe to deliberately get a yellow card during a match in May 2019. A pair of other individuals were also charged in the incident.

BetMGM cries foul in Tennessee over rival’s ad

The BetMGM mobile sportsbook in the Volunteer State has claimed that TN Action 24/7, a rival book in the state, has infringed on its “mark” by using the phrase “The Real King of Sportsbooks” in recent advertising.


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