Nevada Gambling Win Increases 20,971% Year-Over-Year In May To All-Time High

Record slot win of more than $840 million propelled industry to banner month

Nevada casinos are flush with gambling winnings, as the industry reported record monthly revenue in May.

According to figures from the Nevada Gaming Control Board, Silver State casinos raked in $1,230,165,971, the highest figure for the casinos since they beat gamblers for $1,164,875,043 in October 2007.

The winnings from May were a whopping 20,971% increase compared to May 2020, when licensees reported a gaming win of just $5,838,212. Retail gaming was shut down during the spring and summer last year.

The Las Vegas Srip properties accounted for $655,469,447 of the revenue in May 2021, with the entirety of Clark County accounting for $1,052,683,306 of the winnings, according to the state figures. The record revenue for a single month was driven by slot machines, which set an all-time high. The one-armed bandits accounted for 68.3% of total gaming revenue for the month.

An incredible $11,810,632,022 was bet via the machines during May, generating the $840,917,000 in winnings. The machines held on to 7.12% of the drop.

Other casino games

Sports betting: Wagering on sports accounted for $27,079,000 of the revenue off handle of $477,583,774.

Baccarat: The casinos won $108,394,000 from baccarat, the most for any table game. The drop was $492,924,056.

Blackjack: The second-best card game for the casinos was blackjack, generating $99,016,000 off $691,452,513 drop.

Poker: The 30-plus poker rooms in the state raked in $10,888,000. There’s no data on the amount bet in peer-to-peer. The rake also includes revenue from the WSOP, an online poker site, though no breakdown is provided.

Roulette: Casinos took in $44,602,000 from roulette off $200,368,373 in drop.

Craps: Craps players lost $39,579,000 to the casinos off $232,817,647 in wagers.

Tourism data for Las Vegas

According to data from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, Las Vegas saw 2,878,200 visitors in May, up from just 151,300 in May 2020. McCarran Airport saw 3,518,330 passengers last month, up from 395,788 the year prior.

Daily auto traffic from all the highways was 137,046, up from 84,775 in May 2020. What makes May 2021’s record gaming revenue even more impressive is that there was no convention attendance all month, according to the LVCVA data.

Comparison to New Jersey, Pennsylvania

Despite no legal online casino gaming in Nevada — just online poker and mobile sports betting — Nevada crushed gambling states in the East.

New Jersey’s gambling industry reported $374,211,480 in winnings in May, up 290.4% year-over-year, while Pennsylvania reported $413,182,161 in winnings in May, up 565.6%.

Not all of the May 2021 data is in for commercial casino revenue across the country. According to UNLV’s Center for Gaming Research, national win was $15,782,073,868 through the first four months of the year.

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