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Group 77
 Valid December 2021
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 Legal and Licensed
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  • Only place to play PointsBetting unique bet type
  • Loyalty points can be converted into bonus bets
  • Home of “No Juice” spread lines
  • Endless array of promotions

PointsBet Sportsbook App Promo Codes & Review 2021

PointsBet Sportsbook boasts one of the most unique, daring and technologically sound legal online sportsbook apps in the U.S.  PointsBet first arrived in New Jersey and Iowa in 2019 and is available now in several other states and is in the process of launching in multiple other states.

Read all about what makes PointsBet well worth using below, how it’s different and better, and areas where it can improve. 

PointsBet welcome bonus package

PointsBet is currently offering a $500 risk-free bet for standard betting and a $1500 risk-free “PointsBetting” wager for US Bets readers. Simply sign up your account via the links on the page or use the promo code below.

PointsBet Sportsbook Promo CodeUSB2K
Welcome BonusRisk-Free Bets up to $2000
Bonus ValidDecember 2021

Although “risk-free” bets aren’t our favorite types of welcome offers, this one is a two-part bonus worth up $2000, where you not only get to try a standard bet risk-free, but also one of the unique PointsBetting wagers as well.

The offer breaks down into two bets. The first is the risk-free bet up to $500 on any fixed odds market. The second bet is the risk-free bet worth up to $1500 on any of their “PointsBetting” markets (more on this below), a form of action points, where the size of the scoring margin determines the amount of the win or loss (i.e. a 14-point win, or a game total that goes 7 points under or 22 points over).

As with all risk-free bets, the promotion(s) will only trigger if your bets lose. In the case of a loss on your first wager, PointsBet will then credit your account with a 100% match of your bet — applied as a free bet (which can be broken down into smaller increments). When you use the free bet, any winnings will be applied to your account as cash — but this will not include the stake (amount wagered). 

In what states is PointsBet app and online sportsbook legal?

PointsBet is already online in several states, with more to come over the course of the next few years

StateBonusCasino PartnerLaunch
New JerseyGet The BonusThe MeadowlandsJan. 2019
IowaGet The BonusCatfish BendNov. 2019
IndianaGet The BonusHollywood CasinoMarch 2020
IllinoisGet The BonusHawthorn Race CourseSept. 2020
ColoradoGet The BonusDouble Eagle Hotel & Casino Nov. 2020
MichiganGet The BonusNorthern Waters CasinoJan. 2021
West VirginiaGet The BonusHollywood Casino at Charles Town RacesAug. 2021

As is standard, you just need to be located within the state to place a bet — and the book is required by state law to use geolocation technology to ensure this. However, you are able to open an account with it regardless of where you are based. In fact, you can even deposit and withdraw from any state within the country. 

Registering an account with PointsBet

Account registration at PointsBet is a process that is only going to take you a couple of minutes. You fill in basic information such as name, address, age, phone number and last four of social security number. 

When we registered our account, we had it completed, funded and our first bet placed within 5 minutes. 

Who is eligible?

You need to be at least 21 years of age to make a bet, and need to be in a state where PointsBet is a licensed operator. As we have mentioned above you don’t need to be within one such state to register an account or fund your account.

If you’re in a neighboring state to a jurisdiction where PointsBet operates, you may cross over the state border, place your bet and then return home. That’s quite common actually. Aside from that, restrictions are minimal. The whole PointsBet sportsbook is one that is highly welcoming and their platform, as we will discuss later in this article, is one that is very much unique. 

How to register an account with PointsBet 

An account with PointsBet can be opened via their online platform on your computer or on their mobile app. We talk more about the app later in this review, but the process is pretty much the same for both. 

The process starts by clicking the “Sign Up” button at the top of the page. This then takes you to the account creation page where you need to start filling in your details. 

You must make sure that you use an active email address that you have access to as you will need it to verify your account later down the line. 

The second part of the process needs a few more details, such as date of birth, cell phone number, address, and then you choose a username and password. 

We want to make you aware that you will need to include the last 4 digits of your Social Security number. This is now essential for all sportsbook to avoid fraud, to make sure that you are the age, and the actual person that you have stated. Identity verification is to protect you just as much as it is to protect PointsBet.

Once you have completed this then your account will be set up and you can make your first deposit. You will also need to verify your account at some point and this needs to be done before you make your first withdrawal. 

We recommend that you do this as soon as you sign up, and it can be accessed via the account section of the sportsbook. If you don’t see the email from PointBet, check your spam folder. 

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Funding your PointsBet account

The banking methods on site are adequate, although it is slightly more limited compared to some of the competition.

That being said, it is nice to have help at every step, as you can access live chat directly from the cashier 24/7 to get through to someone that is trained in this area. 


Deposit options are pretty good on the whole and the site comes with a diverse range to choose from. Here is a full breakdown:

  • Online banking
  • ACH-eCheck
  • PointsBet Mastercard
  • PayNearMe
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • PayPal

There are no fees to pay on any of these deposit methods, hallelujah, and it will all credit your account pretty much instantly. Our recommendation is PayPal, as the money will be in your PayPal account instantly once approved.

One of the more interesting inclusions is the PointsBet Mastercard. This is a prepaid card that you can load up using a debit or credit card and then it allows you to use this at any ATM or point of sale that accepts Mastercard. 

You may think that this seems a little pointless given that you can use your credit or debit card as one of the options. But there are still a few banks that don’t take too kindly to money moving into gambling sites, which means that you may see your deposit get declined depending on what bank you use. This PointsBet Mastercard a legitimate workaround for this issue and one we would highly recommend if this is how you want to bank.

Aside from that, the other methods are all pretty straightforward, with the PayNearMe option being accessible in over 27,000 cash payment locations across the U.S. (mainly 7-Elevens) but using PayNearMe may make you ineligible for some promotions. 


There are a few changes when it comes to withdrawals, with credit and debit cards both being removed from the options, as well as PayNearMe. Methods include:

  • Online banking
  • ACH/eCheck
  • Paper check
  • PayPal

The cash option allows you to make a withdrawal at PointsBet’s casino partner. In New Jersey, that’s the Meadowlands Racetrack. Check out our full menu of state pages under the sports betting tab above, to see PointsBet’s partners in your state.

Note that you will need to take a government-issued ID as well as proof of your account username and email address for this. It may even ask you to log in to your account when you are there.

That being said, you will be able to get a hold of your money straight away (once approved), which makes it the fastest withdrawal method on site.

Payments start from as little as $10 for a withdrawal, which we really like. They process payments within 24 hours usually, but if the payment is particularly large, it will have to manually sign this off and this means that it could take up to 72 hours.


Desktop view

PointsBet is aesthetically one of the best-looking sportsbooks that we have tested. It’s gone with a black background and red and white text, which is generally not a color contrast we like, but in this instance, it works well. 

The site is pretty intuitive with a smooth sidebar for navigation, and it doesn’t let too much get in the way of the betting aspect. It’s not cluttered and there’s not a load of popups like some others. The site is unique in how it works as it is, and we talk more about that in a minute.  

As you land on the homepage, you’ll see a banner that runs across the top highlighting any offers (which it has a huge collection) and then you have the markets running below that. You can flick between featured games and those that are currently in-play, or navigate between other sports and leagues. 

One gripe that we have is that it can be a little confusing seeing where games end, and new games start from the list. It’s tried to box it out, but the margin is too small, so it blends into one long list. 

But the sportsbook is fast, and rarely will it lag on you or crash unexpectedly. 

Is PointsBet Sporstbook on mobile?

pointsbet online sportsbook mobile
PointsBet mobile sportsbook interface/screens on an Android device

The mobile app is accessible on both iOS and Android devices. As ever with these things, Android users need to work a little harder than that of their iOS friends, and instead of going to the App Store, you need to visit the site directly from your mobile browser.

Once you are there, you will see a pop up that prompts you to download. Click that and follow the instructions. The file size is around 36mb, so it’s small for a sportsbook of its size, which is nice if you’re struggling for space on your phone. 

The app feels very familiar to the online site and again, it’s one of the better-looking options in the market right now. What was interesting is that after a few minutes of using the app, we noticed that the link between the online site was significant. 

In fact, the more we looked at it, the more we noticed that the online platform is actually a version of the mobile app. It usually works the other way around and we assume this is not a coincidence, but for 21st century betting, it’s highly appropriate. 

pointsbet online sportsbook mobile

The app has great functionality and moving between sports and markets is super easy. We like that it keeps the bet slip separate from the main app, and you can minimize or maximize this as you need it. 

PointsBet has fixed the issue with building parlays, to make it a smoother experience. You can now click on a bet, and when the betslip pops up, just click on “add parlay” and you can continue to add new bets until you are ready to bet your parlay.

Betting lines and prices

Testing the betting pricing at PointsBet hasn’t been straightforward. It’s like a lot of other online sportsbooks in that they are inconsistent in their approach from one sport or market to the next.

After a bit of research, we determined their margin to be around 4% from the bets that we tested. This is actually a good score and for those that don’t know, it’s basically the cut it takes from each bet, with the lower the better. 

The problems that we found were that it were as capable as having an industry-best price as it was having one of the worst prices. The money line bets that we looked at were the biggest issue and it’s highlighted here as much as anywhere else. 

What was interesting is that there are a few exceptions to this rule. PointsBet devotes a lot of attention and offers more props on NBA and NFL markets, as we talk about in the next section. Both of these sports not only had great market coverage, but excellent betting lines (-105 on both sides of the spread!). 

In some cases the pricing on futures bets was awesome, in others not so good. This is probably just a function of the sportsbook’s exposure. In any case, it’s always wise to shop around for the best futures prices.

Betting options

PointsBet is like no other sportsbook in the U.S. right now in that it specializes with “action points” or “PointsBetting” on spread bets — for player props, game props or more commonly on game spreads. This is explained briefly above, now another example:

For one game, you may be looking at Zion Williamson combined points + rebounds + assists: Suppose the line is 43.  If you choose the “Over” and a stake of $5 per, if Williamson collects 53 points + rebounds + assists, you would win $50 ($5×10).  If he finished with 33, you would lose $50. Now if Zion really blows up and you staked $15 per counting stat, say he gets a triple double and finishes with 83, you’d win $600. 

So you can win big when you are right, but also lose heavily when you are wrong. It’s a high variance sportsbook in this regard, but you pick your own stake and own destiny. 

Of course, not only does it offer these point bets, but it also includes the standard bets, such as money line, props, parlays and futures. 

Betting Markets

Market coverage is good at PointsBet, but it’s not a lineup that any other sportsbook isn’t offering. 

You’ll find lots of basketball, football, with lots of PointsBetting integrations for both of these. Backing both of these up you have the likes of baseball, hockey, golf and soccer. 

Other notable sports include MMA, tennis, darts, Aussie rules, cricket, boxing, Olympics when it’s the season, to name just a few. It also include some “entertainment” markets on the Oscars (Academy Awards) in states that allow betting on non-sporting events.

Betting selection

We’ve tested lots of sportsbook and lots of game selections within each of those, but we’re sticking out necks out here and saying that PointsBet is the best that we have come across.

The main reason we rate them so highly is that it offers points betting which next to no other U.S.-based bookmaker is offering. And, if a competitor is offering, then it certainly isn’t at the scale these guys are. 

To give you a bit of context into the size of their fixed odds market coverage, it states that for some NBA and NFL games, markets can top of the 1,000 mark. This is incredible.

For example, NFL games will have the spread on markets such as total touchdowns, when the first touchdown is scored, total game points, passing yards for each QB, largest lead, fantasy points for top players, who scores the first touchdown and many more. The pricing that it offers here are fair as well. 

However, we didn’t see any markets that got near this number throughout our testing, although plenty exceeded the 300 mark, which is way more than most. The Super Bowl will be a different story.

The breakdown of these markets comes in three forms (for most sports): Fixed Odds, PointsBetting and Teasers (where you can combine alternative lines into a single bet) — and aren’t restricted to a standard 6 or 7-point teaser in football with fixed pricing. The teaser/parlay will be a function of the individual selections as they are priced out.

While the fixed odds and teaser section were both good and could stand up to most of the competition, the PointsBetting section is the reason why people sign up to PointsBet.

What we’ve found most staggering is that you list through the sports that it has on offer and the PointsBetting coverage is crazy for all sports. 

A great example of this would be cricket and you would have thought that this would be one of the sites smallest sports given that it’s not even played in the U.S. but it is not only covering a wide range of markets, but the spread bets give it more depth than any other sportsbook in the industry. 

Finally, PointsBet also includes their “Name A Bet” feature. For this you can Tweet them (@PointsBetUSA) with a random bet (they created for us over/under on the average total home runs in the Yankees ALDS series, which was 3.5) or a parlay that you want to place. The oddsmakers will create the bet for you and then send a link to place that bet. You can be creative as you like with this and it even joke around to try and find something they won’t give you a price on. 

Promotions and loyalty

Promotions at PointsBet are on point.

To give you an idea of the depth, at the time of writing it had 19 promotions, not including the welcome offer. We will add that some are better than others, but still, it’s a range that is pretty much unrivaled right now.

Lots of these offers target certain games or even parts of the season (playoffs for all the major sports, plus things like March Madness) and offer great value. An example of one of these would be a current offer called “Make it Rain”. 

This is where you are rewarded for placing a pre-game moneyline bet of $100 or more on a specific game, collecting $3 for every three pointer that the teams score in the game. As you can imagine, these can really start to add up, especially if you’re betting on prolific three shooters, such as the Houston Rockets. 

One of the offers is PointsBet’s NHL early payout. This is where it will pay out on a pre-game moneyline bets if the team you pick goes two goals ahead at any point in that game. It runs a similar offer for soccer matches in the English Premier League. 

Finally, it also include a loyalty program where you earn points as you bet. You can claim 1 point for every $5 wagered on fixed odds and $1 wagered on a parlay.  You can redeem these for free bets once you reach certain levels.

Customer support

We’ve been back and forth with support for this review and it’s been exemplary with both their live chat function and their email.

One thing that stood out was their knowledge base and their ability to engage. This may seem like an odd thing to include, but it was nice to talk to an actual human, rather than someone just copying and pasting generic replies that were vaguely hitting keywords that you might have typed. 

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Bottom Line
PointsBet is one of the most exciting and well-rounded sportsbooks we have tested. It has introduced something new (new in the U.S.) in “PointsBetting,” and that’s commendable. The layout and functionality is smooth overall, and they make their own lines and software which is nice for differentiation. It has a couple of issues to address such as limited banking methods and some navigational issues here and there, but we expect these things to be fixed.
Welcome Bonus / Promos
Betting Options
The Good
PointsBetting is unique and exciting
Massive range of promotions
Low margins in many sports for pricing
The Bad
Limited banking methods
Navigation suboptimal in some areas


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