Just For Kicks: Ted Lasso Final (?) Season Betting Props

The hit soccer show returns after an 18-month hiatus, and we have all the theoretical odds
ted lasso sudeikis hunt

“Believe.” That’s the word, hung on a slightly crooked poster above Ted Lasso’s office door, that defines the vibe of the Apple TV+ show of the same name. It’s also the one-word mantra of every sports bettor taking a shot on an eight-leg parlay.

Through some perfect mix of method and madness, the longshot parlays sometimes hit, Ted the soccer coach succeeds despite his limited soccer knowledge, and Ted Lasso, the show spun off a freakin’ commercial for NBC Sports, has captivated audiences and won 11 Emmys and counting.

The show returns Wednesday for its third season. And the third season is kinda-sorta almost definitely going to be the last … maybe.

Star and co-creator Jason Sudeikis has indicated that the show as we know it, with him playing Ted, will wrap up this season. Still, unlike HBO shows Succession and Barry, which return for their fourth seasons over the next few weeks, Apple has made no official announcement about this being the end of the road for Ted Lasso.

Perhaps there will be a spinoff centered around one or more of the supporting characters. Perhaps the show will continue as Ted Lasso without its title character. Or perhaps on May 31, when the 12th and final episode of Season 3 drops, the series will be complete.

Whatever the future holds, fans of the show are psyched to have it back after an 18-month break between the second and third seasons gave us a Ted Lasso-less 2022.

You can’t bet legally on what will happen on the show this season — because, ya know, you can’t always get what you want.

Perhaps if Michigan starts allowing WWE betting in the near future, scripted drama and comedy shows will follow, but for now, the odds below are for entertainment purposes only.

Will they win the whole bleeping thing?

AFC Richmond wins the Premier League, -110: This is a true coin flip. The team got relegated at the end of the first season and promoted at the end of the second, and along the way, Ted vowed to “win the whole f***ing thing.” Will this show go for the somewhat obvious feel-good ending? Or the almost-as-obvious close-but-it’s-not-about-winning Rocky ending? For what it’s worth, Nottingham Forest in 1977 was the last real-life Premier League team to win the title straight after being promoted.

Led Tasso returns, -200: Ted’s spoonerific alter ego took center stage in the third episode of Season 2 to give his players some tough love (minus the love) and assign them “thousands of laps.” We’re thinking chances are good he shows up again at some point during these final 12 eps. Related: Odds that Ted Lasso the series is over after three seasons but then Led Tasso the series begins, +20000.

Number of spits by Nate, over/under 5.5: The formerly lovable kitman turned silver-haired villain, played by Nick Mohammed, developed a proclivity for spitting on his reflection in the mirror last season, and he’s surely not done hocking loogies. Any spit — on a mirror or another person — counts for this prop.

Either Coach Beard’s first name or last name is revealed, +250: We never saw Vera on Cheers (her legs don’t count), and we’re underdogs to learn either the real first or last name of Brendan Hunt’s character. But if we do get the first name, we’ll take a stab at +3500 that it’s “Cosmo.”

Beard hula hoops again before the show ends, +200: Give the people what they want, writers’ room.

‘Ship shape

Ted and Nate make up by the end of the season, -400: It’s a feel-good show, mostly — when Ted isn’t having panic attacks or acknowledging that his dad committed suicide. Knowing this is (probably) the final season for Ted, Nate has to flip back from the dark side by the time it’s over.

Roy and Keely end up together, -750: The characters played by Brett Goldstein and Juno Temple didn’t even really break up all the way at the end of second season. She’s just focusing on her PR company, and he’s flirting a bit with his niece’s teacher. Assuredly, a bumpy ride clearly awaits in Season 3. But these two are even more certain than Ted and Nate to end up in a good place.

Ted and Rebecca finally hook up, +125: It’s been a subtle will-they-won’t-they between the coach and the AFC Richmond owner played by Hannah Waddingham, though much of the sexual tension has existed in the minds of the viewers rather than onscreen. Waddingham wouldn’t give anything away at the Season 3 premiere in Los Angeles. Much like the question of Richmond winning the Premier League, it feels like the writers could go either way with this. But we’ll make the tease continuing to the very end a very slight favorite.

Regulation time and extra time

Ted gets killed off, +2500: We wouldn’t even have given this a moment’s thought, but Goldstein joked about it (we think), so we have to be responsible fake bookmakers and offer it for wagering.

Odds of assorted characters getting a spinoff:

  • Roy and Keeley: +300
  • Coach Beard: +300
  • Rebecca: +500
  • Higgins: +1000
  • Jamie Tartt: +1200
  • Sam Obisanya: +2500
  • Trent Crimm, The Independent: +4000
  • Nate: +5000
  • Dani Rojas: +10000
  • Will Kitman: +20000 (they named the new kitman “Kitman,” and we can’t rule out a show called “Kitman”)

The show wins its third straight Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy, +115: We don’t know anything yet about the quality of the show in its third season, but it still seems safe to assign it short odds, since it’s 2-for-2 so far. But we can’t make it an overwhelming favorite, given the potential competition from the final season of Barry (not really a comedy, but whatever), The Bear (also not a comedy, but this is where it’s submitting), and the fast-rising network comedy Abbott Elementary.

By the way, this is something you actually may be able to bet on legally, in some states, later this year. So, parlay a third Ted Lasso Emmy win with your favorite real-life Premier League team and … believe.

Photo: Alan J. Schaben/Getty Images


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