theScore Bet Sportsbook App Promo Code & Review

theScore has a sportsbook? You Bet. The wildly popular Toronto-based sports media company, theScore, has spread its proverbial wings and flown the coop. Now it offers… more. While its content app remains a must-have for all sports fans, the new theScore Bet online sportsbook app expands on what the brand brings to the table. Now you can enjoy all of the stats-based info and analysis of theScore, and place a legal wager through theScore Bet.

Like most online sportsbooks, theScore Bet was born in New Jersey, accepting its first legal bets on September 3, 2019. A year later they added both Colorado and Indiana to the roster in September ’20, and more have joined since. Let’s take an in-depth look at the finished product including where you can bet, what you can bet on, and the best theScore Bet sportsbook app promo code to use during sign up.

theScore Bet welcome bonus

Welcome bonus? Yea. There’s a bonus. theScore Bet want’s you to wager with them, and they’re willing to pay up to make it happen. New theScore Bet users will receive a 100% up to $1,000 deposit match bonus. No theScore Bet promo code is required. Not familiar with sportsbook bonuses? Let’s break it down, plain and simple.

theScore Bet Sportsbook Promo CodeComing Soon
Welcome BonusComing Soon
Bonus ValidJune 2023

After creating your theScore Bet account you need to deposit money before you can make a bet. When you make this deposit, theScore Bet will match your deposit with a bonus, dollar for dollar, up to a total of $1K. Deposit $50? Get $50 in bonus cash. Deposit $800? Get $800 in bonus cash. So on and so forth. Sounds too good to be true, yea? Well, there are some things to keep in mind. First, you won’t have access to the bonus money right away… it needs to be unlocked. For every bet you make, theScore Bet will release 5% of it back to your account. Made a $100 bet? Get $5 in bonus cash released to your real money balance.

New sign ups have 60 days to clear as much of the bonus as they can. Any uncleared funds with vanish into the ether once the 60 days are up. Doing some quick math, this equates to roughly a 20x playthrough requirement. If you took the full $1,000 bonus, you’d need to bet $20K in order to unlock it all. Difficult? Yea, but certainly not impossible. Plus, seeing as it unlocks as you go, it really just plays as an extra 5% back that will drip into your account. As fine as the margins are in sports betting, a 5% edge definitely matters.

Lastly, if your plan is to load up on prohibitive favorites and scheme the system – they’ve thought of that. Only wagers with -300 odds or more will contribute towards bonus clearance.

Licensed theScore Bet states

theScore Bet has turned in to one of the more active online sports betting operators in the United States. After a slow start, launching more than a year after the industry opened in New Jersey, they’ve picked up the pace. Here’s where theScore Bet stands:

StateLicense PartnerLaunch
New JerseyMonmouth ParkSeptember 2019
ColoradoThe Gilpin CasinoSeptember 2020
IndianaAmeristar Casino East ChicagoSeptember 2020
IowaAmeristar Casino Council BluffsFebruary 2021
IllinoisHarrah’s Joliet Hotel & CasinoTBA

Ontario expansion up next for theScore Bet

That’s right, theScore Bet is returning home to where it all began! Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, there really is no better option to kick off the province’s newly regulated iGaming market. Following Canada’s nationwide passage of Bill C-218, a piece of legislation that gave the green light to legalized, single-game wagering throughout the country, Ontario stepped up as the first individual province to implement a new system. 

Ontario’s brand new iGaming market is set to debut on April 4, 2022, and from that point forward, third party operators like theScore Bet can begin offering their services within Ontario’s borders. In early February, the company was approved by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario to become a licensed operator and should now be on track to open its doors for business on April 4. 

On March 22, 2022, the first version of theScore Bet’s online sportsbook and casino app for Ontario was released, allowing players in the province ages 19+ to pre-register ahead of the official launch date. On top of the app reveal, the company also announced a “Home Opener” launch party to celebrate their arrival up North, which will take place on April 2, 3, and 4 in Toronto.

theScore Bet app download: iOS + Android

If you’re betting with theScore Bet, you’re doing it via mobile sportsbook. The brand has made its living through sleek, easy-to-use mobile applications and the sports betting app, theScore Bet, is no different. Plus, there is no desktop site.  So what’s the easiest way to get involved? Simply load the app on your phone and jump in.

The Score Bet Android IOS

To get started, visit our theScore Bet landing page. Rather than a button to click to initiate the download, theScore Bet asks for a phone number. Submit your digits and they’ll beam you a text with a clickable link to get the app download underway. The link will work for both iOS and Android users. If you prefer the more traditional way of doing things, the app is also available to download for free at any time on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Setting up an account

Once you’ve got theScore Bet on your phone, load it up. It will automatically navigate you through a series of forms for you to fill out to set up an account. As a licensed sports betting operator theScore Bet needs your personal info. It’s nothing personal though, it’s just the law. Provide your name, phone number, address, the last four digits of your SSN, etc. It may seem like a red flag to submit your social security number via the internet, but it is required at every regulated sports betting – not just theSore Bet – and it’s completely safe.

After you’ve finalized the account theScore Bet has set up a few extra safety protocols. First, it’ll automatically open up the camera on your phone and require a scan of your photo ID. Next, the app will shift to the front facing camera so that you can snag a quick selfie. Using the selfie, your ID, and the personal data you submitted earlier, theScore Bet can nail down exactly who you are. With regulated online sports betting there is accountability and transparency. You can’t bet if there’s any question to your eligibility.


While we’re on the subject, who is actually eligible to wager on sports with theScore Bet? Well, pretty much anyone – as long as you’re old enough. theScore Bet is available to all U.S. bettors aged 21 and up. You can sign up and create an account from anywhere, it doesn’t matter where you live or where you’re located.

However, when you want to bet, you must be inside of a state where theScore Bet is licensed to operate. As such, theScore Bet is only licensed in states that have specifically legalized online sports betting. Check the table above for a full breakdown of theScore Bet’s current availability, and where it may show up next.

Funding a theScore Bet account

Before you can bet, you need money. theScore Bet places a well equipped cashier at your disposal with a good number of options to choose from. Is it the best? No, it’s not, but it gets the job done. To initiate a deposit, click on your account through the button in the top right corner. Next, select the large blue ‘Deposit’ button displayed next to your balance.

TheScore Bet Sportsbook App Promo Code & Review

Afterward you’ll be presented with the deposit and withdrawal methods that are currently available to you. Keep in mind that theScore Bet’s banking options may be different on a state by state basis. What we list here may not completely summarize the available options – check for yourself to see what’s on tap. Common theScore Bet banking options include:

  • Debit/Card Card: Only VISA and Mastercard are accepted. Both brands are pretty standard within the industry. You know how they work: pull out your card, enter the numbers, and you’re good to go. Transaction times are near-instant.
  • Online Banking Transfer: If you’ve got an online bank account, simply log in using your credentials to make fast, easy, and safe transactions. 
  • PayPal: Use this worldwide-leading eWallet to store multiple forms of payment, deposit and withdraw funds, and receive payments faster than any other method in the business.
  • theScore Bet Prepaid Play+ Card: Most online sportsbooks have a similar option. The branded Play+ Card is one of the best choices for conducting both deposits and withdrawals to any book, including theScore Bet. You can add money to it with ease using a number of options, including PayPal. Plus, the real, physical Play+ card has actual in-person utility.
  • Cash at the casino cage: Currently only offered as a withdrawal method for players in New Jersey, picking up cash at the window is easily the quickest way to get your winnings.

Generally speaking with online sports betting cashiers, the available withdrawal options may not necessarily match those offered for deposit. For example, credit cards are always a no-go when it comes to taking money off the theScore Bet app. Additionally, it’s not uncommon for a sportsbook to necessitate a deposit with a specific banking method before they can approve a withdrawal using it.

theScore Bet sportsbook app: How does it stack up?

Overall, we like it. We had high expectations when loading the app on to our phone due to the high degree of functionality on the company’s popular content and media app, and it didn’t disappoint. The devil is in the details, and theScore Bet put a lot of thought into their product.

The first thing that stuck out was the appealing dark color scheme. As someone who prefers darker apps and displays, it was love at first sight. Black, grays, and various shades of blue and yellow to provide the accents. It works.

As far as function is concerned, it’s a win there too. Placing a bet is a piece of cake:

  • Locate market
  • Tap desired bet
  • Enter stake
  • Place bet

Bing, bang, boom. The most difficult part of the process is picking your winners. Popular sports are laid out along the top portion of the app, and can also be accessed by clicking the ‘Sports’ button in the lower right. Any big game will be front and center, just below the graphic display for the current promotions. There’s also a bright green “Live” button that appears (as seen below) when games are available for in-play betting.

Each individual game has plenty of available betting markets. Once you’ve loaded them up, the detail-oriented approach of the app really takes center stage. The brand’s stats-driven background is readily apparent, displaying each teams record, a preview of the game, and some additional background info right at the top of the interface. When placing bets the stats help.

The betslip is clean and straight forward to operate. It gives you the option of some preset amounts, or you can just type in what you want to wager. It will show you the potential payouts clear as day, and you can also bundle your bets together with ease to make a parlay or teaser.

The Score Bet App Offer Look

What sports can I bet on?

As a leading, modern online sportsbook, theScore Bet offers its user base access to the full gamut. You can bet on virtually any sport that you want, in a growing variety of ways. Keep in mind that local laws may restrict certain markets, but the major U.S. sports will be included everywhere. This includes the NFLcollege footballNBAcollege basketball, soccer, hockey, baseball, golf, motor sports including NASCAR, combat sports like MMA and boxing, and a whole lot more. If there’s a substantial American sporting event on the horizon, theScore Bet will be accepting action on it. What’s more, it’s not just the biggest leagues and conferences – action is available far down the line. For example, while Major League Baseball is expected – theScore Bet users can also drop a bet on the KBO (Korea), NFB (Japan), or the CPBL (Taiwan).

Bet types

theScore Bet offers plenty of betting options to choose from. By clicking on a specific contest it’ll break down all of the available choices (middle screenshot above). For example, with an NBA game you can obviously bet the spreadmoneyline, or the total points. But it definitely doesn’t stop there. You can develop alternative linesfirst quarter linesfirst half linesplayer propsgame props, and more. You can wager on futures, like whose going to win the title or take home the MVP, and package your wagers together for both parlays and teasers, etc. Live-betting, or in-play betting is also available with the most up-to-date action possible. Lines will refresh in real time, accurately depicting a game situation at that exact moment. Keep an eye out for the green “Live” icon on the homepage that will signify when action is underway.

Getting your value: theScore Bet promotions  / VIP

After sign up, what is there to look forward to on the promotional front? With theScore Bet, there’s quite a bit actually. To check out what’s currently available all you need to do is look for the large ‘Promos’ section of the app homepage. There will be several rotating banners for the big ticket items, but there’s more out there. Select ‘See all promos’ to explore the lot of them. In addition to seasonal/topical offers surrounding the biggest event of the time  (March Madness, Super Bowl, The Masters, etc.), theScore Bet offers up quite a bit of extra, regularly scheduled value. There are daily odds boosts that allow you to get a better price on specific markets, deposit bonuses, and other weekly options.

Notably, theScore Bet does have a VIP program. Unfortunately we don’t know much about it though. It’s an invite only set up, though you can contact [email protected] to inquire. If you’re a regular bettor with another sports betting provider they have indicated that they are willing to give instant status upgrades. If you’re deep in the rewards program with another sportsbook but would like to make a change, theScore Bet may make it worth your while.


Have a question? theScore Bet has a quality customer support system in place. While in your account, click the ‘Help’ button to see what’s up. The section has links for the FAQ, but also includes quick links for account security, free bet info, a quick start guide, an explanation for depositing, and a good bit more. In addition, there’s a ‘Contact Support’ button that will bring you to the app’s primary CS directory. Live Chat is available 24/7, phone support is offered at (855)-550-1238, and email is available at [email protected]. Any time of day, if you need them, don’t hesitate to jump in and ask. Agents proved both knowledgable and personable.

Bottom Line
theScore is a cool company, and theScore Bet is a cool sports betting app. It works really well, has plenty of betting options, and even tosses in extra stats and info to help you make picks. It’s got all of the bells and whistles you’d expect from a leading sportsbook app. That said, a desktop site and additions to the cashier would be nice.
Welcome Bonus
Betting Options
The Good
Excellent mobile app
Regular promotions and added value
Provides extra stats and information
The Bad
No desktop / browser sportsbook
Limited banking options


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